NEC Japan takes Nepali aviation for a ride

Sushan ShresthaSeptember 22, 2021

By 2030, there will be 4 billion banking customers in Asia-Pacific and 95% of them open accounts through online banking or mobile banking.

Now, almost all Asia-Pacific traditional banks have digital banking vision and transformation strategies in place. How well banks plan and execute their transformation will determine their degree of success in capturing the new growth opportunity.

Hence, banks need to look ahead and rethink: how to unleash growth and be a winner in this aggressive “digital race”?

This white paper provides some insights on:

  • How will digital banking trends evolve in 2030
  • The role banks will play in the future and how will banks fit into customers’ life and the big ecosystem
  • How banks can leverage platform technology to create a seamless customer experience and build a scalable digital front office