Rabindra Mishra proposes abolition of federalism and plebiscite on secularism calling them imported agenda

Pragati SharmaSeptember 23, 2021

President of Bibeksheel Sajha Party Rabindra Mishra has proposed abolition of federalism and a plebiscite on secularism.

Publishing a lengthy piece titled ‘Changing Course: Nation Above Notion’,  Mishra has called for abolition of federalism by restructuring and strengthening local bodies, and referendum on secularism. He said he has presented the proposal for debate and discussion.

He has called secularism and federalism imported agenda that were installed more due to foreign interference than internal politics. “Hence, in our context, to hold a referendum on secularism and to abolish federalism by restructuring and strengthening local bodies is a “progressive” agenda – not at all “regressive”,” he has argued.

He swears by his integrity and patriotism and says he is ready to bear the consequences for putting the proposal. “I am clear that there are shortcomings to my understanding as well. But I hold dear the two ideals – of integrity and patriotism. I have never allowed any weakness to creep into those firmly held convictions. Many may find the statement as boastful and pretentious. But, one has to speak up one’s strongly held beliefs when necessary and I am willing to bear the consequences for speaking my mind.”